May 23, 2012

It's My Birthday Suit!

Hi everyone!!!
I had to share a few of my birthday pics from this last weekend. It was soooooo much fun and all my besties made it out. of course I had to grab a new outfit for the occasion, and it had to be NEON!! I am extremely obsessed with neon lately. I can't get enough of it!!

Some items I wore are old, some are brand new. Just the way I like it. Ha! I have been blesses with a mother and grandmother who give me loads of vintage stuff! From jewelry to furniture. You name it. But I always like shiny new things to make the old new again.

You can't see them, but AJ even wore heels for my birthday!!!!!! It's a first folks. And a super cute dress. She loves me...

My apologies for the picture quality... I just couldn't resist posting a few.

Left to right: Fae Fae, Sarah G., Me, AJ, and Michelle

This photo was really blurry, so I just made it work.

Good times!!

Ok, so for outfit details, I did a little ensemble for ya. Many of these things are exactly what I bought or used, but like I mentioned, some of the things I already had. For instance, my favorite belt, a skinny gold python adjustable belt that my Mom gave me!!! Love it. And mybeige Aldo strappy heels from last year that I wear as often as I possibly can.

My Birthday Suit

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  1. The fupa dress looked way better on you! Had a blast!


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